How Things Change In 2017

The new year is just 3 days old and in the very last moments of last year I had some ideas for my young blog. I will share some of them in this post. Some of them not. Just to make sure that you keep following my stories 😉

Changing my language

As you noticed I started writing my stories in German so that my friends at home have an easy time consuming them. But that will change now! And there are good reasons to do so:

  1. I have the chance to improve my written English skills
  2. My follower back home can practice as well
  3. My new friends on the road can finally understand something

As I’m a traveller at the moment (that’s even what I write on immigration forms under ‚occupation’) my language is English. I even started taking notes in English… So why should I treat my blog differently?

More photography!

I started photography about five years ago by simply buying my first DSLR which was a Canon EOS 600D. The camera was almost always in my pocket to take the opportunities the world gave me. I spent hours in the beautiful harbor of Hamburg to find spots that have been hiding from me. At that time I already knew what ISO, the shutter speed and the aperture were. But that’s it! After a lot of time I was still very unhappy with my skills and the outcome and almost stopped photography.

After starting to travel my interest was lit again. So many cool places, interesting people and unforgettable moments! I HAVE to capture them! I started consuming one article after another. Composition, lighting, subjects, objects and – guess what – cameras. I read tons of articles and data sheets on new cameras and decided to go with a new DSLM (Mirrorless camera).

Let’s buy a new camera!

That’s what I did in Singapore and I’m really glad about that decision. My new Sony A6000 is super handy and ready to use within seconds. Perfect!

I’m packed with motivation, new gear and a lot of information about photography to find if there’s a little creator in me.


After setting up this blog there was still one question to be answered: What the hell am I going to write (sorry about swearing…)? I always need a plan! What’s the plan here? But then I had this extraordinary idea: „What about NOT having a plan and just starting?“ Wow, Oli! You’re a genius! So that’s what I did and that’s where we are right now. And I believe that was a blessing as I already had so many new ideas and projects I want to start on this site. Kinda impossible when you have a definite direction…

But let’s have a look at my projects or better: project (only for now I promise!)

Project #1: 30 Days Of […]

You have a lot of time thinking about yourself, your habits, the world around you and what could be a handy way to improve yourself step by step and help you achieve your goals. ‚Wasn’t there a TED Talk about that?’ I thought. Yes! I’ve seen this really inspiring presentation about trying things for 30 days some years ago. And I always wanted to do that. I grabbed my journal and wrote some random ideas down to have a full schedule for 2017.


Here are some of my ideas for 30 days:

  • No junk food & drinks (just started this one on January 1st)
  • No alcohol
  • Meditate for 10 minutes every day
  • Everyday workout
  • Draw/sketch something every day
  • Try being a vegetarian
  • Being offline
  • Write a 1000 words every day
  • Have a conversation with a stranger
  • Take a portrait of someone every day
  • 200 push-ups over a day
  • 200 sit-ups over a day
  • Practice Spanish for 2 hours a day
  • Practice Russian for 2 hours a day
  • Practice photography for 2 hours a day
  • Learn how to say ‚thank you‘ in a different language every day
  • Do something nice
  • Any ideas? Let me know!!

You might have noticed that there are more than 12 points I want to try but this year will surely have only 12 months left. I decided to do some things combined as many of them challenge different aspects of life or are easier than others.

As I promised there are more projects to come and I’m really excited to share them with you!

So that was it for today, thanks for reading and sharing your opinion down in the comments. If you find anything misspelled just let me know 😉



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    1. Hahaha thanks!! I’ll probably not be able to accomplish the second thing in Hamburg 😉 Maybe on an lonely island 😅

  1. try to go veggie for 30 days. I know it’s hard especially as a foodlover as you are. I did it half a year ago for only 2 weeks. It was an eyeopener to me. So many great vegetarian recipes out there, which makes it a lot easier to cut meat consumption.

    Enjoy your time buddy.

  2. Hey Oli, i love this blog post, especially the part of challenging yourself by cutting down on so many things. Even if you have a hard time doing so, you can always try to focus on some of them.
    Anyways, keep us posted. I’m really looking forward to it.
    Cheers from back home🎉

  3. Just read your article now… Good stuff! Gives me some inspiration too!
    What I recognized it is 3 months old… where are your new blog entriees???

    Enjooy your further trip!!!

    Best regards from inddiiaaaaaa, yeeeeaaaaah!

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