Who I am:

I’m 26 years old and originally from Hamburg, Germany. I spent the past 16 years completing my high school, serving in the army, receiving my bachelor’s degree and working in a company. I left my hometown to travel through Southeast Asia and Australia for a year. My leisure time is normally filled with a lot of time with my family and friends but when I’m alone I’m always looking for good reads and beautiful sceneries to take pictures. You’ll probably find me most of the time with my earplugs listening to good old RnB and Hip Hop 🙂 But if you see me: just say Hi!

What I do:

After I turned 25 I thought this might be the perfect time to cut the strings and explore the world a bit. So I started planning in ’15 and finally began traveling in November ’16. I set up this blog to keep my family and friends updated and to have a platform to present my latest pictures I took traveling. While arranging up my route I was caught by the idea of light traveling. As a result I ended up traveling with a 40L carry on backpack only.

Who I want to be:

As I’m very much into entrepreneurship, lifelong learning, photography and – you guessed it – traveling, I want to find a way and create a lifestyle for myself to combine all these things and get better every single day. I really believe in the concept of lifelong learning and don’t really care about degrees. My last years were dominated by analytical tasks I had to accomplish while studying and working. Let’s see if there’s a creative part in me as well 😉


If you have any questions or suggestions or you simply like what I do, just tell me 🙂 I appreciate every single message and promise to write back!

I’m always curious for new business ideas and partnerships as well as teaming up with other photographers to improve my skills and maybe share a bit of what I know about photographing or traveling light. In case you just wanna hang out and grab a beer: I’m German, I love beer!